Seekins Precision HIT Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle


The Seekins Precision HIT rifle is a perfect option for a variety of precision sports. The 24″ barrel and 11.5 lb weight makes the rifle much more convenient to carry than many precision rifles while still allowing for pinpoint accuracy with low recoil. The dust door over the ejection port allows the rifle to be guarded from the kinds of debris that put rifles out of action. The highly adjustable LOP and vertical and rotational recoil pad adjustment allows you to make quick adjustments, if necessary, to get a perfect shot. With guaranteed headspace on the quick-change barrel system, Seekins Gen 2 bolt with toolless disassembly and ability to use detachable, AICS magazines you can stay shooting longer! With the rifle being backed by the “No Questions Asked Warranty” and “100% Shooter Guarantee” like all Seekins products its hard not to give this precision machine a try.


Dust door over ejection port
Adjustable LOP
Vertical AND rotational recoil pad adjustment
Integrated bag rider
Adjustable mag latch
Folding stock
Removeable m-lok pattern forearm
Enhanced mag well for AICS pattern mags
Integrated 20MOA pic rail milled directly on top of receiver
Compatible with both single and double stack AICS mags
Compatible with most Remington 700 triggers